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Playa Las Tortugas

5 Reasons to Rent Vacation Homes & 1 Reason to Avoid Them at all Costs

Are you the type of traveler that heads straight to to look for your all encompassing vacation package?
If the answer is yes, you won’t be by the time you finish reading this post.  There are a million reasons why a vacation rental trumps the hotel experience.  We figured you wouldn’t read a million of them, so here are 5 great ones:

1. They save you money.

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There are a whole slew of reasons to rent a vacation home over staying in a hotel that have nothing to do with money whatsoever, but let’s just go ahead and get the elephant out of the room right off the bat.

There are three major ways that renting a vacation home helps you keep more cash in your pocket to spend on fun stuff, like Margaritas:

  • Full kitchens – Preparing your own meals and snacks will cost a fraction of what you’d pay at restaurants and shopping at an authentic Mexican market is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local culture. (It’s also a great excuse to try some of the delicious recipes we post here on the Tortugas Villas blog.)
  • Entertainment – Many vacation homes come with private pools, media centers, game rooms or other unique entertainment amenities. Half of the reason you come to Nayarit is to relax and unplug for a while, why pay to relax somewhere else when you can chill out as long you like for free?
  • Tons of space – Most hotels have strict guidelines for how many guests you can accommodate in one room. With a vacation home, the more the merrier!

2. Vacation Rental = Lasting Memories

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While hotel rooms can certainly be luxurious and super comfy, have you ever noticed that once you leave a hotel it’s almost as though it never existed?
Seriously, think about it. How many hotel room memories have really stuck to the roof of your mind?

Now, think back to the last time that your family rented a vacation home. I bet you can remember every last detail of the place.
Why? Because it was “yours”. Having your own private home away from home creates an emotional attachment that you simply don’t find with traditional lodging.

3. Off-the-beaten path incredible locations.

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Hotels are generally located where?

That’s right, in the hotel district.

Why would you want to stay in the tourist center at the time in your life when you most want to get away from it all?  If you’re looking for a killer location where you will feel more like a millionaire and less like a bobbing head in an overcrowded resort swimming pool, then renting a vacation home is right up your alley.

And we know a good one, right off a secluded beach on the Mexican Riviera Nayarit…hint, hint.

4. Unmatched privacy.

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Guess what you’ll find at even the most luxurious, high-end resorts?  People, and lots of ’em.  Wouldn’t you rather have a little space to breathe?  There’s always opportunity to meet new people on vacation, but there isn’t necessarily always the option to get away from it all.

Renting a vacation home allows you to enjoy unmatched privacy when you want it, not just when your hotel neighbors are off on a charter fishing trip.

5. The unsung heroes of comfort.

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More flexibility, more space, more rooftop decks and beachfront breezes.  More empty hammocks and cozy couches to kick back on with your favorite book..  You’ll find truly comfortable spaces designed by people who actually like to enjoy the place themselves.  And never underestimate the simple luxuries a vacation home provides, like having your own washer and dryer on vacation.

You’ll be able to pack lighter and won’t end up crying into your cerveza just because you spilled salsa verde on the only dress that fit into your suitcase.

So…we promised you one reason why you should avoid renting a vacation home at all cost and here it is: Drumroll please…

Once you’ve discovered the ultimate luxury of staying in a vacation home, you won’t want to go back to yours!