If you are a bird lover, you have come to the right place! With farmland, shore, mountains and jungle all very nearby, exceptional birding is right out your back door! With a seemingly endless list of known species thriving in this natural sanctuary, it is nothing less than a bird lover’s paradise. Take in the sight of native Frigatebirds, Pelicans, Great-tailed Grackles, Orioles, Cormorants, San Blas Jays, Snowy Egrets, and even Orange-breasted Buntings.

Only a scenic one hour and fifteen minute drive away from our tranquil community is the port town of San Blas, renowned within the international birding community for its eclectic plethora of bird species. There are regularly over 200 species of migratory birds visiting the local estuaries, lowland palm forests, lagoons, beaches and mangrove swamps along the beautiful stretch of coast surrounding San Blas. Chances are you will see native birds here that you would not see anywhere else in the world. Some of the rare species you may see taking flight include the Elegant Quail, Colima Oygmy-Owl and the Citreoline Trogon. Make a date with a bird watching guide for an informational, relaxing day that you will not soon forget, or be adventurous and take the trip solo. San Blas has excellent surfing, and wonderful restaurants. Bring your board and your appetite to make it an all-day affair!