Week in Review

September 21, 2014

A look at the things, places, people, ideas and news that caught our eye this week.  Travel, learn, be inspired….or simply be entertained.


West America:

Two friends’ journey from Canada to The end of the world.  Here’s their journey through our sleepy piece of Mexico coastline.


Tiny House

“The world gets a lot bigger when you’re living small…”


Revolution Del Sueno:

An artist who packed up, moved to Mexico and followed his dreams.  His boutique clothing shop is a mainstay of the surfing village of nearby Sayulita.


Jacques Cousteau does Isla Isabel

Vintage footage from a Jacques Cousteau voyage to nearby Isla Isabel.  It’s still just as wild.


Hammocks and HardDrives:

Want to travel the world for a month or more?  Here’s the tech to make it cheaper and easier…

See you next week!

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