Egg Collection

During the summer months of June through August, vacationers are met with an unexpected natural treasure as they stroll the secluded sands of Playa Las Tortugas beach on balmy starlit nights. We share our pristine sands with the beautiful Olive Ridley sea turtles during this season as the mothers carry out their centuries-old ritual of laying up to 100 eggs in large self-made nests along the secluded shoreline. Catching a glimpse of these rare ancient sea creatures is an experience not soon forgotten.

Weighing up to 100 pounds and spanning nearly 2 feet in length, these mama turtles have their burden lightened by our volunteers who harvest their recently laid shell-clad offspring, granting sanctuary to these incubating tortugitas until they hatch into their next phase in life. Our turtle camp grants these endangered animals much-needed protection from the threat of animal and human predators who often raid their nests for the coveted sea turtle eggs.