Baby Turtle Release

The favorite moment of the year for many of our turtle conservationists and regular volunteers, turtle-hatching season comes around late in the year during the months of November and December. See for yourself just how awe-inspiring the sight of hundreds of tiny sea turtles marching their way into the sea can be. Friends and family of Platanitos Turtle Camp release these baby olive ridley hatchlings from their sheltered sanctuary into the rolling waves of the Pacific each night by the hundreds (and sometimes thousands).

The experience of holding these fragile baby turtles in the palm of your hand as you place them gently on the sand, guiding them to their ancient underwater home, is sure to become your most coveted memory of your stay at Playa Las Tortugas. The baby turtle release occurs during the twilight hours, offering up amazing visions of wave upon wave of tortugitas marching back into the golden waters of the Pacific in harmony with the last rays of the setting sun.