Giving back to Mother Nature at the Platanitos Turtle Camp is one of the most popular and rewarding activities here at Playa Las Tortugas. A memorable experience for kids and adults alike, consider signing on to volunteer during the peak (late summer) months of turtle nesting season when our conservationists can use all the help they can get. Wander the moonlit beach at night in search of the elusive mother Ridleys as they quietly dig their nests and deposit their soon-to-be baby hatchlings.

Volunteers and researchers work side-by-side harvesting the recently laid eggs, offering shelter and protection to the incubating turtles before they are released back into the tropical waters they call home. Catching a glimpse of this timeless ritual of Mother Nature is an unforgettable experience.

I. If you are a guest at Playa Las Tortugas, here is a list of the usual activities:
1) Turtle release participation (Sunset time) Help protect the baby turtles being release at the beach in their way to their life adventure!. By forming a human barrier during their departure , we help deterred birds and other predators from attacking the hatchings. Brief talk about the goals and efforts of our Turtle Conservation Program, the reasons for it and a sample release at the beach will precede the release. ACTIVITY COST : $10 USD per person/night

2) Night Patrol: Join us in our 4 passenger ATV vehicle to patrol the beach in search for nesting turtles and rescue their nests. Because the turtles lay their eggs at night this activity is a 2-hour ride and takes place somewhere between 9-11 PM or 3-5 AM depending on the tides, phases of the moon and beach conditions. Maximum number of volunteers accepted to patrol the beach: 3 per 2-hr shift. ACTIVITY COST: $50 USD/person /patrol

3) Nest Cleanup: Inspect the nests in the early hours of the morning and collect the baby turtles as they are emerging from their egg shells in preparation for their sunset release. ACTIVITY COST: $15 USD/per person/per morning activity.

II. If you want to come just for the turtles, join the Platanitos Turtle Camp Volunteer Program At Playa Las Tortugas:
Cost of the weekly package: $575 USD per person per week. Minimum stay: 1 week . No maximum
We conduct a weekly volunteer program packages from Mid June to December that include:
1) Airport-Turtle Camp-Airport transfers
2) Meal package for the entire stay consisting of three meals per day prepared by our camp cook.
3) Sleeping accommodations in our newly remodeled volunteer facility.
4) Wi-fi internet service during your stay
5) Turtle conservation training by our bilingual conservation technicians, conducted in English and Spanish.
6) Wi-fi, Laundry and lounging facilities included in the package.