Whale Watching

There are countless reasons why our tranquil, secluded community attracts nature-loving guests. One impressive attraction is the wondrous marine life inhabiting our local waters, including the regal Humpback whale. During the winter months (December – February), you need only stroll along the warm beach sands to see an abundance of alluring mammals, including whales and dolphins, frolicking in our waters. In addition, the nearby areas of Banderas Bay and Matanchen Bay offer an experience that fully captures the unrivaled wonders of Mather Nature.

Visitors are often delighted by the vision of Humpbacks giving birth to newborns in the warm, shallow waters just beyond the breakers—a truly miraculous sight! If you feel like you want a closer view, we can easily arrange boat rides for you to witness nature’s wonders up close. Delight in the impressive acrobatics of whales and dolphins as they breach the warm seawaters they call home, splashing, leaping, frolicking in their unspoiled, aquamarine habitat.