On your way in or out of Playa Las Tortugas, visiting Sayulita is a must. This adventurous tourist town offers a variety of activities from shopping to surfing and everything in between. The vibe of the town is more upbeat and fast-paced than the slow-paced atmosphere of the Las Tortugas area. Spend a night or two soaking up the sunshine in what is quickly becoming the mini version of Puerto Vallarta. The nightlife here is much livelier than in the smaller beach towns to the north, making it the ideal destination for younger groups and couples.

While walking the streets of Sayulita, you’ll find a plethora of vendors selling everything from jewelry, food, crafts and clothing. Many of the locals here speak English, making it a comfortable area for visitors intimidated by the language barrier.

If you’ve never been zip lining, Sayulita is undoubtedly the place to experience both activities for the first time. The zip line tours are popular among the outdoors adventurers, offering up rare vistas of spectacular tropical scenery. Whether you’re seeking to commune with nature or enjoy an enjoyable night out, Sayulita has something to offer for everyone.