Playa Las Tortugas


Playa Las Tortugas

Vacation Essentials: 3 Steps to the Freshest Orange Juice You’ve Ever Tasted

Sun, sand, drink in your hand. All necessary, and all plentiful here at Tortugas Villas.

But, if you ask us, there’s another can’t-miss component to an unforgettable vacation: really digging into Riviera Nayarit, getting your hands dirty, and living like locals do on their day off.

Bring your DIY spirit to Tortugas Villas and we’ll provide the authentic setting and all the essentials for jiving with the land and living the good life in Riviera Nayarit.  Use these insider tip and tricks to make the most of your tropical, Mexico vacation.

First up in our “Vacation Essentials” series: fresh-squeezed Nayarit orange juice.

Squeezing a glass of this heavenly stuff is a simple skill, and the end result will really make your morning. And afternoon/evening/late night, if you follow this same process with limes for fresh margaritas!

First Step: Find Some Awesome Oranges

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Oranges are plentiful, cheap, and ridiculously sweet in Riviera Nayarit, so you don’t have to look too hard. Go for a bulk amount; you may need more oranges than you think.

 Three places to get your hands on some:

1. By the crate at the Thursday La Penita Market.

2.  Gigantic bags, unbelievably cheap, from roadside vendors in San Blas.

3.  At any small grocery store in Zacualpan. Ask the checker for “una bolsa de naranjas de jugo” (a bag of juicing oranges). Often they carry them in the back.


Second Step: Prep

Wash the oranges thoroughly. From our experience, our tap water works just fine to clean the oranges. If you want to be extra safe, though, we also provide Microdyn fruit and vegetable wash in the villas.

Slice ’em up!

Since you’re on vacation, enjoy making this juice with the gentle laps of the ocean in your ears and the early sun streaming through the kitchen window.  Or, feel free to head out to one of the outdoor counters to do the cutting.

But either way…slice the oranges widthwise, parallel to the stem.


Third Step: The Big Squeeze

 We provide the heavy-duty orange juicer in your villas. Put the orange in, cut side down, and press. This thing has some serious leverage so it’ll make quick work of your entire mound of orange halves.

 Here’s a video of how we make the magic happen around here:


As you squeeze, be sure to inhale that fresh, rejuvenating citrus scent.

Toss the rinds in the compost bin when you’re finished.

Transfer your juice to a pitcher and, if you can stand to wait, chill it before drinking.

Best served out on the terrace, tucked into the fragrant tropical gardens of Tortugas Villas.