Playa Las Tortugas


Playa Las Tortugas

Riviera Nayarit Vacation

Riviera Nayarit Vacation

From San Blas to Sayulita, a vacation in Riviera Nayarit offers excitement, fun and so much more than just a vacation. A 45-minute drive north of Puerta Vallarta is the 200-mile stretch of beach that makes up this western Riviera. Although it has remained relatively quiet compared to the bustling tourist town to the south, the area has finally been “discovered” by international travelers looking for a vacation that offers exhilarating adventures plus an intimate connection with history and culture. Water sports, dining and dancing, and excursions into the rich cultural history of the native tribes will fill your vacation days and nights. You’ll be planning your next Riviera Nayarit vacation before you finish the one you are on.

Stay in the Center of It All, But Without the Crowds:

Playa Las Tortugas is a unique community lying in the heart of the Riviera Nayarit. Nestled under the palms in a former coconut plantation, the dozen-or-so villas share a private pool and are just steps from an isolated beach that looks out over Mantechan Bay. A bird sanctuary and a mango plantation are just to the south and a freshwater estuary winds around the north side of the community. Literally in the center of the Riviera region, Playa Las Tortugas is a short distance to all the fun and adventure of a Mexican vacation, but its quiet location offers you the solace of a virtually private beach.

To the West:

The stunning span of the Pacific Ocean is the backdrop for the Marieta Islands, an ecotourism adventure unique to this coast. The Marieta Islands National Park preserves the islands in their original pristine condition. Snorkeling and scuba diving will bring you face to face with the residents of the underwater community – sea turtles, stingrays, octopuses, dolphins and whales. A short swim off the main island will bring you to Playa Escondida, the “Hidden Beach”, where you can watch the blue-footed boobies dart through the skies above you.

To the North:

La Tovara (“The Spring”) feeds a natural freshwater pond and fills many canals that run through the jungle. Boat tours travel the canals, where visitors see vegetation and wildlife not experienced anywhere else in the world. It has been designated world RAMSAR site, making it a part of an international network of wetlands focused on maintaining the healthy biodiversity and ecosystems of its components.

To the East:

The lush tropical jungle parts for the road to Compostela, a historic city in the Sierra Madre Mountains. This small city (15,000 residents) supports a strong agricultural community and is in the heart of the Huichol Indian territory. As a community, the Huichol tribe retains much of its authentic culture that dates back over 600 years. Their artwork is highly valued the world over. You can visit a Huichol temple in the Huichol village just outside of Compostela. The colorful costumes, traditional music and original beading, yarn art, and other handicrafts show off the skill and beauty of this rare community of indigenous people.

To the South:

The Alta Vista Archaeological site covers over 200 acres and is the home of more than 2,000 stone carvings – “Petroglyphs”. The Tecoxquines, an Aztec tribe, carved the stones two thousand years ago, to demonstrate their spiritual connection with the gods. The site is often used today for religious ceremonies of the Huichol tribe.

La Penita Tianguis (market) is the largest open-air market in the state. You’ll find arts, clothing and, of course, traditional Mexican food and produce that is freshly harvested each market day. This is where you’ll meet other travelers and also the lovely local Nayarit people.

After a stop to explore the authentic Mexican fishing village of Rincon de Guayabitos, you can play in the waves near Sayulita. This is the only local ocean area that has surfable waves; surf and paddleboarding adventures are available for all thrill seeking travelers. In town, you’ll find art galleries, coffee shops and restaurants that offer fresh seafood.

Your vacation in Riviera Nayarit starts the moment you set foot in your Playa Las Tortuga villa. Experience the magic and adventure of this remarkable area before the tourist trade really takes hold. Contact us today to choose the rental villa of your dreams.