Playa Las Tortugas


Playa Las Tortugas

Riviera Nayarit Vacation Spots

Riviera Nayarit Vacation Spots

If you love nature and are looking to not only get away from the daily grind but also want to experience the beauty of nature, you should consider some fantastic Riviera Nayarit vacation spots. When you are vacationing in the Mexican Riviera Nayarit, you will not only have the options of beautiful pristine beach, but will also get to experience countless other memorable events. If you enjoy spending time in nature and watching the majesty of animals, then this is the perfect location for you.

Whale Watching

Not many people would think that you could watch whales while vacationing in Mexico. Yet, especially if you visit during the winter months (between December and February), watching whales and dolphins as you stroll along the beach is a common occurrence.

Watching these majestic animals swim is a special experience itself. But if you are lucky you may even be able to see Humpbacks give birth to newborns right before your eyes. These whales like to give birth in the warm, shallow water just beyond the breaker and if you’d like a closer look, we can offer you a boat ride. You may have never thought you would get to experience whale watching in a warm climate, but think again. 

Estuary Kayaking

Whales are not the only animals you could experience while on vacation. Being able to enjoy the outdoors while seeing native birds is also a great option. Beyond our villas lies a bird estuary, which not only gives you the opportunity to see birds, but also is a great place to either stand-up paddleboard or canoe your way through. Unwind with a relaxing trip through lush mangroves, and enjoy seeing all the native birds. Your trip will let you see unspoiled nature without noisy human distractions. 

Horseback Riding

Or perhaps you’ve become enchanted by Hollywood and would love to experience the quintessential horse riding on the beach. This activity has doubtlessly become the symbol of a fantastic paradise vacation. Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll or move at a faster pace, the choice is yours. But you’ll truly get to experience nature while riding on a horse.

Why not make as many special memories as you can while on vacation? Riding a horse and experiencing the tropical flora and fauna with the salty sea air around you will truly help you to forget your worries of life’s daily stress.


Often, when people go to the beach, they want to sit in the sun and relax. Well, how about having some relaxing time on a boat, enjoying a fishing trip? You can decide if you want to experience deep sea fishing or simply fish from the beach. Either way, you’ll be able to relax and try to get your special catch of the day. If you love spending time outdoors and fishing, this is a great option for you to consider.

Turtle Camp

If you or a family member loves watching nature and even getting to be a part of something special up close and personal, then Turtle Camp is a great opportunity. Every year, thousands of Ridley Sea Turtles come to nest and hatch their babies. If you want to be part of a true spectacle, be sure to visit either in November and December. You might even be lucky enough to hold a precious little sea turtle and help guide its way into the ocean. Either way, you will be sure to make memories that will last a lifetime with the sea turtle experience.

If you love the outdoors and mother nature, you have countless options when vacationing the Mexican Riviera Nayarit. Having the opportunity to really relax and be one with nature is something you won’t find everywhere. And if you want to have the most amazing trip in every way possible, then please contact us.