Playa Las Tortugas


Playa Las Tortugas

Mexico Vacation Spots

Best Mexico Vacation Spots

Mexico is a glorious paradise filled with beautiful beaches, warm weather, and the absolute best vacation spots in the world. The following are among the best places to vacation in Mexico. Each of them offers a unique experience that simply can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Whether you’re interested in exciting nightlife, shopping, or experiencing the world of Mexican wildlife, these tourist vacation destinations have you covered. However, we truly believe we’ve saved the best for last!

Playa del Carmen

This luxurious resort is renowned for the ways it helps get tourists like you out on the ocean. For example, it has access to fishing and diving boats that will take you on chartered adventures. You will also be located about four miles away from the Xcaret Eco-Park: this wild life center collects some of the most dazzling creatures in Mexico.

Other advantages of Playa del Carmen include:

  • Access to the Playacar Golf Course
  • La Quint Aveinda, a wildly popular shopping center
  • Reef Quest Divers, which take you out to visit beautiful natural reefs
  • Xel-Ha, an aquarium that collects multiple Mexican creatures
  • The Blue Parrot Beach Club, for night dancing fun


Cozumel is a popular Mexican island vacation spot because of its beautiful waters, flawless beaches, and isolation from cold winter weather. While it’s a relatively rugged island, it has become quite acclimated to tourist needs, meaning you’ll have easy access to shopping centers in the downtown district.

However, the real pleasure of Cozumel is found outside of its shopping: here, you can get a real look into authentic Mexican culture. Watch fishermen clean and prepare their boats, hire a tour, and even go diving with Mexican locals. While there will be a slight “tourist” sheen to everything, you’ll rarely experience a more in-depth look into the real-life of the working class Mexican.

Cozumel also offers you a unique look at the way Mexicans really eat, especially those centered in areas near the ocean. Restaurants like Prima Trattoria have meals centered on shellfish and seafood, a far cry from the generic “authentic Mexican” food you’ll find in America. However, should you want to eat some real Mexican beans, salsa, and tortilla meals, they should easily be available.

Other fun locations in Cozumel include:

  • Cozumel Museum
  • Faro Celerain Eco-Park
  • Chankanaab National Park
  • Palancar Beach
  • San Gervasio Ruins
  • Discover Mexico Park
  • Stingray Beach
  • Punta Molas

Clearly, Cozumel is more than just a little island off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula: it is an adventure that offers an almost unlimited number of activities for the brave tourist.

Playa Las Tortugas

Last (and certainly not least) is Playa Las Tortugas, a vacation spot like no other in Mexico! We offer you access to some of the most beautiful and sandy beaches in Mexico. Find a chair and luxuriate here with a drink in your hand and experience true relaxation.

However, our beach isn’t the only thing we have to offer. Other amenities include:

  • Access to nearby waterfalls and other wild life areas
  • Close proximity to fun and exciting towns and market places
  • “Turtle Camp”, a unique turtle hatchery that gives you the chance to watch cute baby turtles get hatched and to help them make their way to the beach

And that’s not all! You can also experience our wide variety of nightlife activities, including nightclub access, live band performances, dancing, and even wine tasting! We stop at nothing to guarantee that you get the type of Mexico vacation you deserve.

Having read all that, we just have one question to ask: what are you waiting for? Contact us today and reserve your spot in the most relaxing and exciting vacation destination in Mexico.